MOTHER IS MAKER of Personality

MOTHER IS MAKER of Personality

& Footprints of baby on The Sand OF TIME

(Massage for every PREGNANT WOMAN)

Hello , Have you heard the saying –“THE LITTLEST FEET MAKE THE BIGGEST Wonderful isn’t footprints in our heart”??

Finger prints and footprints are  unique to every  human being and they develop in the mothers’womb, Along  with the formation  of your baby’s tiny fingers  ,tiny toes .. .. .you  make the  baby’s whole  personality



Mood swingsare  common in pregnancy  so  enjoy  the company of family  & close friends to  be cheerful .

Read  good bookstalk to your child  &wish him to become big scientist like APJ Abdul Kalam.Believe me the Mahabharata   story of ABHIMANYU is only tip of iceberg. You can read much more .



Every day of pregnancy  bring with it a new realisation or understanding . There are Challenges too ,but then  the ultimate trumph of human spirit is overcoming all the obstacles by adopting positive way.Motherhood  will surely be a wonderful thriumph for you too if you make positive personality  of your child – this is making of Virtue Baby



Dr Sharda Jain









“Ibelive in love at first sight      . I loved my mom since I opened my eyes…”

It is true –there is nobody in our lives ,quite like our mother .she is both unique and priceless .

Let me share a little story with you .remember when Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had an interface with our Prime Minister mr.NarendraModi in USA ? During the interaction at facebook office –Mr.Modi got really emotional while talking about his mother –he had tears in eyes as he is a devoted son.In fact, when he was elected as the Prime Minister of India,the first person he turned to for blessing was his mother Hiraben.,He also mentioned,what labour she did go through to raise children

Now that you are going to become a mother, remember it’s huge responsibility .It’s most important to bring up your child with a sound VALUESYSTEM and teach him or her to be a RESPONSIBLEADULTand  GOOD HUMAN BEING .Making of sendVARTUE BABY is possible!!Right Now.

In our book pregnancy care’’we have specific chapter how to duplicate MahabharataAbhimanyu story.Infact you can teach much more.

During our first visit we counsel her is great detail “ not to react to situations’’ we are proud to say that children (over 1 lakh) under our care have better IQ&excel in class.Try it yourselfin this pregnancy on your baby.

Good Luck to you… this effort.


M.D(PGIMR),MNAMS,FICOG                          M.D





Objective is to ensure that a woman enters pregnancy with an optimal state of health which would be safe both to herself and the baby. Preconception counselling is a part of preventive medicine. It includes risk assessment and is done thing in western world.

  • Identification of high risk factors by detailed evaluation of obstetric, medical, family and personal history and examination.
  • General physical examination including blood pressure is recorded.
  • Routine testing for rubella IgGantibodies prior to planning pregnancy is recommended. All susceptible patients should be immunized and advised against attempting pregnancy for subsequent one month.
  • Use of iodized salt and practice of screening all patients for thyroid disorder are recommended.
  • Folic acid supplementation (4 mg a day ]starting 4 weeks prior to conception up to 12 weeks of pregnancy is advise. This reduces the incidence of neural tube defects.
  • Pre-existing chronic disease preconceptionally (hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy) are stabilized in optimal state by intervention.
  • Woman should be urged to stop smoking, taking alcohol and abusing drugs.
  • Inheritable genetic diseases (thalassemia, Sickle cell disease) are screened before conception and risk of passing the condition to offspring is discussed.
  • Couple with history of recurrent pregnancy loss or with family history of congenital abnormality are investigated and counselled

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Management Protocol of Azoospermic man


Management protocol of azoospermic  man consists of PESA/TESE and ICSI both for obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia. But all patients cannot accept  afford this treatment.

 Therefore, the management for them may still be individualised depending of FSH level, testes size and fructose level in seminal plasma.

Depending on clinical findings of testicular size and serum level of FSH the place of individual treatment including surgical correction by vasoepididymal anatomises, if possible, may be planned.

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Management of male infertility can be medical, surgical, ART or combined.

In clinical practice, semen parameters reflect male fecundity and guide the planning and management in male infertility. A medical treatment has limitations and is applicable to a select group of patients only.

ART has revolutionized the management of male infertility. In mild Idiopathic oligo-astheno – teratozoospermia (OAT), intrauterine insemination (IUI) is preferred and should be offered for at least 3 cycles before moving on to more advanced procedure likes IVF or ICSI. In severe OAT, IVF/ICSI is indicated.

In NOA (non-obstructive azoospermia), medical/surgical sperm

Recovery treatment followed by ICSI and in Obstructive Azoospermia, surgical treatment followed by ICSI should be the management of choice. Donor IUI can be offered to patients with severe OAT and azoospermia if there financial constraints.

Life care IVF offers total care for male infertility.

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LIFECARE CENTRE is premier centre Total Gynae Care in DELHI

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Genital Tract Infection

Asper WHO manual 2010, presence of >5 million/ ml round cells or pus cells in semen sample can be termed as leukocyte-spermia and should be treated.

Identification of white cells in semen require staining with eosin-nigrosin, and requires treatment.

It is ideal to culture semen for identification of presence

 of infection and prescribing the appropriate antibiotics as per culture sensitivity for at least 2-4 weeks however

it is difficult to get a positive culture most of the time and in these cases, doxycycline 100 mg twice a day should be given for 3-4 weeks to eliminate infection.


I-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

IVF (In- vitro fertilization) is a treatment for women who struggle to get pregnant. Many have been successful after treatment at Life Care IVF in the supervision of Dr. Sharda Jain / Dr. Jyoti Agarwal (Gynecologists).

Check out four fundamental steps you go through in IVF treatment:

Ovulation induction: In this process, fertility specialist observe ovaries and the egg release timings. Most of the women take medicines to quicken the production of eggs.

Egg retrieval: To diminish the discomfort,  mild anesthesia is given.

Fertilization: In this step, egg is fertilized sperm & egg are placed together in an incubator to develop a healthy embryo.

Embryo transfer and Implantation: Embryo is transferred  via small plastic tube. Bed rest is advised for 24 hours.


Ultrasound Scan in Delhi

9At Life Care Centre, you can have the best ever satisfied Ultrasound scan. With latest technologies and equipment we do all our tests under expert supervision.

Ultrasounds are mainly done to diagnose your internal body organs whether related to muscles, joints, tendons or blood vessels, lymph nodes, appendix. This institute is highly dedicated in providing the best treatments in infertility, Pregnancy care of gynecologist.

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