Syphilis and pregnancy

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The incidence of syphilis in pregnancy is very low and, therefore, to estimate but is probably in the order of 1 in 10000 pregnancies in the india,The risk of vertical transmission is high, ranging from 70 to 100% in primary syphilis, 40% in early latent syphilis, and 10% in late latent syphilis, Maternal syphilis infection can result in a range of adverse outcomes, including  late miscarriage, stillbirth, hydro’s, and low birth weight. If left untreated, congenital syphilis can result in physical and neurological impairments, affecting the child’s bones, teeth, vision, and hearing. Early recognition and treatment (usually with penicillin) can prevent these adverse outcomes.

Contact: Dr. Sharda Jain 9650511339

Dr Jyoti agarwal 9910081484


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