No Home Delivery

Need of hour,

Credit of focusing No Home deliveries and have institutional delivery goes to Mr Hota and Dr. Sharda Jain a her perseverance Health ministry agreed to whole of focus away her home deliveries.


It has substantially contributed in reducing the maternal mortality rates, from 212 in 2007-09 to 167 deaths per 100,000 live births which was to be achieved by 2015 under the United Nations-mandated Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


It is a long food we have to travel to mate the western world figures.

Let’s pledge at this Independence Day to take full come of women during pregnancy her food and immunisation daring.

Contact: Dr. Sharda Jain 9650511339

Dr Jyoti agarwal 9910081484

Help Line No. : 9650588339   959904425  01122414049

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