What to do if you notice reduction in baby’s movements after 28 weeks.


If you notice your baby is moving less than usual or if you have noticed a change in the pattern of movements, it may be the first sign that your baby is unwell. It is very important that you seek professional advice without delay.Never go to sleep ignoring a reduction in your baby’s movements


The initial assessment of the baby will involve identifying the baby’s heartbeat with a handheld Doppler device  or with the electronic fetal heart rate monitor (a CTG monitor)


An ultrasound to check on the FETAL HEART, growth of your baby, as well as the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby.


After a full antenatal check including your blood pressure and urine examination, you will usually be able to go home once you are well. Most women who experience one episode of reduction in their baby’s movements have a straightforward pregnancy and go on to deliver a healthy baby.

If you continue to have reduced fetal movements

  • If the CTG is normal but you are still experiencing reduction in movements, or if there are any of the additional risk factors, a full ultrasound assessment will be made.
  • If all the investigations show that everything is normal and you are sent home, but continue to experience a reduction in movements soon after, or days or weeks later, you should not hesitate to seek immediate advice again.
  • You will not be considered to be an unnecessary worrier no matter how many times this happens, because doctors know that a mother’s concerns about her baby’s movements are important.

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If by 24 weeks of pregnancy you have never felt you; baby move at all, you should contact your doctor, who will check your baby’s heartbeat. An ultrasound scan may be arranged and you may be referred to see the specialist obstetrician. Rarely, a baby may have a condition affecting the muscles or nerves that may clause very restricted movements or none at all

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